3 Days 2 Nights in San Antonio

The walk for 17 minutes from Club Quarters Hotel to the Greyhound bus terminal in Houston has been pleasant, it wasn't cold, and I could still see the autumn leaves hanging on the tree branches. The station was small, and the seats were limited. Fifteen minutes before our bus schedule for departure, we queued at the gate. After twenty minutes had passed, there was an announcement made about the gate change, and everybody walked in a line to the opposite side of the entrance to get on the bus.

Applying for US Visa and My Houston Trip

Living in South America has made travelling to the United States a one step closer. However, being a Malaysian, it's still not possible to get there without a proper Visa. Luckily the process of getting a Visa isn't complicated, and how fast you get it depending on your time schedule. As for me, I got it in less than two weeks after I first applied for it online, then three months later, I flew down to Houston! But before getting on the story on my US trip, I'll include my five steps and a brief story about the process of getting my Visa.

Dark Secrets Series by Angela M. Hudson

Series Title: Dark Secrets
Author: Angela M. Hudson / A.M. Hudson
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal > Vampires
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 5,336
Reading Date: 31st October 2018 ~ 14th December 2018

Three Days Two Nights in Anapoima

Before going away for the winter Christmas in the US, we went to a town about 90km away from Bogota. During our three days and two nights stay, the temperature was around 22°C ~ 33°C, perfect to feel like home (Malaysia). Anapoima is a beautiful little town with a population less than 12,000, and it's clean, peaceful and safe - not dodgy.

Monserrate Bogota

The Church on top of Monserrate mountain was a Catholic church built between 1650 and 1657. Located 3,152 meters above sea level, Monserrate was a favourite place for the pilgrimage in the earlier days, and it hasn't stopped in the modern day. The church's popularity continues soaring, and it becomes one of the tops visited places in Bogota.

Three Days Two Nights in Girardot

Last month Mike and I had a chance to travel a bit further away from Bogota for the warm weather, and also for my birthday vacation. It's a town about 137km away from our home in Chapinero, Bogota. This town founded on 09th October 1852 and its name 'Girardot' was a tribute to the hero named Manuel Atanasio Girardot who died in the Battle of the Bárbula. The temperature during our stay was around 28ºC to 33ºC.