The Honking Heaven

Ho Chi Minh is the noisiest city I've ever been to, not a minute past that my eardrums were at ease from perpetually honking by the car and motorcycles. I started hearing it the moment I stepped out from the airport until I finally reached the hotel. I've never experienced anything like it before, the sea of motorbikes on the road coming from everywhere, without really obeying the traffic, I was surprised I didn't see any accident throughout our stay there.

We stayed at Grand Silverland Hotel from 24th until 27th December 2014. The hotel's location is perfect, and it's only about 250 metres away from Ben Thanh Market. This market sells food, Vietnamese coffees, souvenirs, clothing, grocery, shoes, counterfeit goods etc.

My favorite beef soup noodles

We didn't do any sightseeing here because most of the places were closed for Christmas and New Year. So we just wandered around and filled our tummy with beers and food.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

We went to Pham Ngu Lao for a night out, eating tapas at Pacharan, mingled with locals at their local beer place called Bia Hoi and also being a regular customer at Quan Hoa Dong, a stall situated next to the hotel.

When we came back from Phu Quoc on the last day of the year, we stayed a night at New World Hotel Saigon. In the evening, we went for our last meal of the year in Casa Italia. The restaurant has a great ambience and food was lovely. We even chit-chatting with the friendly owner too. I ate so much because it was my last meal and I can only eat again next year!!

Calamari Gamberi @ 200,000
4 Cheese Pizza @ 240,000
Amatriciana @ 240,000

We also went to Cargo Event Space, the place owned by one of Mike's mate and it's a cool place for partying and drinking!

The crowd outside the hotel

We took a taxi back to the hotel just before 11 pm, but the ride was a nightmare, the distance to the hotel is only about 2.4km, but it took ages to reach the hotel. Halfway to the hotel, we figured we could just walk back to the hotel so, we asked the taxi to drop us. As we walk to the hotel, the road and the pedestrian walkway was difficult to move around as countless of motorcycles occupied the space. They just parked and lounged on it while waiting for the countdown to begin in an hour. One thing for sure, If you don't like a crowded place, avoid coming here during new year eve.

 Travel Date: 24th - 27th & 31st December 2014  - 01st January 2015


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