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Changgyeonggung Palace

By the time I finished my tour at the Secret Garden, there's only a little juice left on my phone. With the remaining power, I couldn't take plenty of photo here. I chose to visit this place on the same day because the location which is just next to the Garden's entrance. But I'll have to go to the other palaces another day because without my camera phone to take a picture; it's like a day without sunshine.

Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace is one of the five grand palaces built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty. My goal today is to explore the 78-acres Secret Garden. The entrance to the palace (DonHwa-Mun) is only about 5 minutes walking distance from Anguk station Line 3.

Jogyesa Temple

It's autumn in Seoul, and I haven't got a chance to get a picture of the fall foliage yet. So, on Wednesday 1:30 pm after my Korean lesson finished, I started my journey to discover the beauty of Autumn in Seoul. My plan was to visit Changdeokgung palace. My Seonsaengnim was kind enough to accompany me on my trip. When we came across Cheonggyecheon stream, she told me that there would be a lanterns festival along the river starting from 4th to 20th November and it's 1.2km long.