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Sojourner Series by Maria Rachel Hooley

Series Title: Sojourner
Author: Maria Rachel Hooley
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,053
Reading Date: 02nd December 2017 ~ 17th December 2017

Book Series in Order:
# 1 Sojourner
# 2 Convenant
# 3 Second Sight
# 4 Anathema
# 5 Sojourner Soulseeker: Conduit

Medusa Girls Series by Tera Lynn Childs

Series Title: Medusa Girls
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Genres: Fantasy > Mythology
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,098
Reading Date: 25th November 2017 ~ 02nd December 2017

Book Series in Order:
# 1 Sweet Venom
# 2 Sweet Shadows
# 3 Sweet Legacy

Angel Series by L.A. Weatherly

Series Title: Angel
Author: L.A. Weatherly
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 1,723
Reading Date: 08th ~ 24th November 2017

Book Series in Order:
# 1 Angel Burn
# 2 Angel Fire
# 3 Angel Fever

Pizza Dough and Tomato Paste

Serving size: 1 Medium & 1 Large Pizza

Dough Ingredients:

100ml warm water
90ml beer, at room temperature
3.5g / 1tsp fast-action yeast
25ml olive oil
300g Wheat flour or any white flour
1 tsp salt
½ tbsp brown sugar

Chuseok Holiday Hiking in Jirisan National Park

My first mountain hike in Korea happened to be in Jirisan National Park. It has been quite awhile since I last did an uphill hike. I remember how tiring it was to climb the Mount Kinabalu back in 2000 and that was 17 years ago when I was still young! But this mountain wasn't that high so, it shouldn't be any problem right :) We start planning our trip two months ago when Adam has confirmed his visit to Korea. However, the train tickets were booked one month before the travelling date due to the online booking condition set by Korail. We were quite worried about not getting any ticket due to travelling during Chuseok long holiday. But everything turned out to be okay.

Jarasum Makgeolli Festival

Makgeolli Festival is held yearly in Jarasum Island located in Gapyeong County of Gyeonggi province. This venue is also where the International Jazz Festival took place in every autumn. For those who anticipate the event, this year it will be held on 20th ~ 22nd October. In this trip, we went together with Liam, the Makgeolli king and his other half, Hyunnah. They brought along a cooler bag to store Makgeolli and also a picnic mat.

We were lucky to get shaded seats that come with a table. In this early autumn, you can still get a sunburn when exposed long enough. Mike and Liam off to hunt for Makgeolli while Hyunnah and I sat there enjoying the beautiful view of the countryside. I love the blue sky and the thick clouds resting near the hills. It was a stunning view.

When the boys came back with a few bottles of Makgeolli, it was our turn to explore the event. We tasted a couple of Makgeolli in some of the booths and then headed to the food truck for some food to take away. There was …

View of North Korea from Odusan Unification Observatory

I have always wanted to travel to North Korea, but it wasn't accessible from South Korea. The only way to get there is via China or Russia in a tour group, as it's not allowed to travel independently in North Korea. I'm not sure if I would be able to go there anytime in future, So, I settled for just getting a glimpse of the country.

Petite France

Petite France is a small French Culture Village located about 25 minutes journey by the shuttle bus from Nami stop. It's another place where they filmed the drama like My Love from the Star, Secret Garden and Personal Taste.

Winter Sonata Island

Nami the Winter Sonata island is a must visit place for those who adore the movie. I would never have visited this place if it wasn't because of my cousin and her colleagues who wanted to visit this place. For that, I'm so glad that I tagged along. It's such a beautiful place. Thank you for inviting me along Oyong, Suzie, Anne, Bie, Zain and Nur Misuary.

Namsan Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower opened to the general public in 1980. It's a place that one must visit to take a look at the jungle stone of South Korea proud city, Seoul. It's also a famous place for a lovesick couple to spend their quality time on the unofficial binding ceremony with a colourful padlock. The tower is open for a visit 365 days a year.