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Jarasum Makgeolli Festival

Makgeolli Festival is held yearly in Jarasum Island located in Gapyeong County of Gyeonggi province. This venue is also where the International Jazz Festival took place in every autumn. For those who anticipate the event, this year it will be held on 20th ~ 22nd October. In this trip, we went together with Liam, the Makgeolli king and his other half, Hyunnah. They brought along a cooler bag to store Makgeolli and also a picnic mat.

We were lucky to get shaded seats that come with a table. In this early autumn, you can still get a sunburn when exposed long enough. Mike and Liam off to hunt for Makgeolli while Hyunnah and I sat there enjoying the beautiful view of the countryside. I love the blue sky and the thick clouds resting near the hills. It was a stunning view.

When the boys came back with a few bottles of Makgeolli, it was our turn to explore the event. We tasted a couple of Makgeolli in some of the booths and then headed to the food truck for some food to take away. There was …