Haunting Emma Series by Lee Nichols

Series Title: Haunting Emma
Author: Lee Nichols
Genres: Fantasy > Paranormal
Read Format: Kindle Edition
Total Pages: 886
Reading Date: 04th January 2018 ~ 13th January 2018

Book Series in Order:
# 1 Deception
# 2 Betrayal
# 3 Surrender

17 years old Emma Vaile has been hiding the fact that her parents have disappeared, and she is living on her own. But her cover was blown when her new found friend, Natalie sold her out and almost resulting her to be put under child protection. Like a damsel in distress, Benett came in for the rescue and became her guardian.

Benett was her brother's friend and she met him two years ago when he first came home with his brother for spring break. Although she only got to know him for a week, she was already secretly in love with him. But after the boys had fought, she never saw him again. Not until now.

While under Benett's care, Emma slowly discovered that she is no ordinary ghostkeeper but the direct descendant of one of the most powerful ghostkeepers ever. With the evil lurking around her, she needs to put aside her love life, and focus on learning her abilities fast or risk losing more of her friends and family.

Although the stories involving ghost doesn't sound scary when reading it, but somehow when it was in your dream, it created a whole new level of creepiness. And lucky me, I've always spent time reading a book before bed, and most of the time, I get to dream the story, and that's the beauty of it. But I don't really enjoy it when it was a nightmare. And that's what happened to me when I read this book.

In my dream, I was back in my hometown and living in the old house. Needing to go to the toilet, I wait outside the door and although I saw the lock was secured from the outside, I still knocked politely asking if there's anyone inside. I did get a replied when I heard a knocking sound coming from behind the door. And within a few seconds, the door burst opened revealing tendrils of black smoke. I didn't wait for it but ran with all my might. Just when it got closer to me, I woke with my heart still racing and my feet tangled in the duvet.


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