Koh Chang Thailand

Koh Chang White Beach

My flight from Kuala Lumpur landed at 5:15 pm, and I thought I'll be able to meet up with Mike about 7 pm. But I was wrong. I spent 40 minutes queuing for immigration clearance, and the journey in a taxi took about 2 hours to get to Amora NeoLuxe Suites in Sukhumvit due to the traffic jammed. To top it off, my taxi driver didn't know how to get to the hotel. He drove to the area and called the hotel for a direction. But he already drove past it, and he asked me to walk to the hotel. I walked for about 10 minutes and reached the hotel at 8:30 pm. My in-laws were waiting for me, and they helped me get an extra keycard from the reception for Mike's room. Once freshened up, I went down to meet them, and we walked to Robin Hood bar to meet with Mike before getting a taxi to Sabaijai Gayang for dinner.

Amora NeoLuxe Suites
Ferry to Koh Chang

The next morning, by the time we went down to the reception and checked out from the hotel, the private transfer that we'd booked thru IamKochang website were already arrived and waiting for us at the hotel's parking lot. The price for a return journey was 10,000baht for a door to door service. The van's seats were leather, and the ceiling was high enough for me to stand. It was a ten seaters van, but there were only five of us, so plenty of space to ourselves.

There's signage prohibiting smoking and also alcohol on the ferry.  But some of the passengers ignored the warning and kept on drinking beers throughout the journey. The ferry's drinks counter doesn't sell it though; they must have bought it from the shop near the pier.

Koh Chang Ferry

Amora NeoLuxe Bangkok ~ Chang Buri Resort Koh Chang (7 Hours 46 Mins)
09:30 am - Depart from hotel
10:18 am - Toilet break (6 minutes)
12:25 pm - Lunch at Klaeng (25 minutes)
02:50 pm - Waiting for the ferry at Thammachart Pier + Van Loading (76minutes)
04:06 pm - Ferry journey (39 minutes)
04:45 pm - Drive from Ao Sapparot Pier (31 minutes)
05:16 pm - Reached Chang Buri Resort & Spa

The Hotel and Its Surrounding

Chang Buri Resort Deluxe Seaside

We spent six nights in this spacious Deluxe Seaside room, it has a seating area, bathtub and separate shower, and also balcony offering pool view. If it wasn't because of the trees, we could also have a sea view.

When we first got to the room, I didn't realise that our television was not working until I had finished unpacking our backpack. If I had known earlier, I would have asked for another room. When the maintenance guy came over, he couldn't immediately fix it, only on the third day when we came back from a hike in Klong Prao that I finally get to watch it. The Wifi connection in the room wasn't great though, we did get it, but it was very temperamental.

Chang Buri Swimming Pool

The hotel doesn't have a beach, just a cement wall down to the sea, and the water wasn't deep, unless if you swam further away.

Chang Buri Sunset

To get to the White Sand beach, you could either walk on foot by the main road about 15 minutes or swim over from the hotel just like we did. The sandy seabed helped to make the crossing more comfortable because there's some part of the sea deeper and some shallow, so whenever you feel tired of swimming, you could walk.

You could walk or swim over to the White Beach

* The seabed nearby the hotel was the resting place for Mike's gold ring. It's a wedding ring, so if any of you (human/mermaid/merman/sea creatures) found it, please let us know. The ring was engraved with "Jass & Mike 121214".

Step to the sea

Spotted Reptile in Koh Chang

Food & Drinks in Koh Chang

There're plenty of restaurants nearby, and we often go to the restaurant located just in front of the hotel. They have a great selection of Thai food with reasonable price. There were a few grocery stores and 7-Elevens nearby.

Restaurant In front of the hotel

You could have a beer in the hotel's seaside bar, for a small bottle of Singha, it only cost 60 baht.

Chang Buri Seaside Bar

There's plenty of bar in front of the hotel, but we didn't go there. Instead, we walked to the White elephant bar or Paddy's bar. It's about 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

Bars in front of Chang Buri Resort

Paddy's Palm Drinks:
145B - Heneiken Pint
160B - Tequilla Sunrise

Paddy's Palm

Some of The White Elephant food and drink price:

All Day Breakfast
65B - 2 Eggs of your liking on toast
80B - Cornflakes with Milk & Banana
130B - Egg & Bacon Sandwich / Muesli with Yoghurt and Fresh Fruits
180B - 3 Eggs Omelette
190B - Continental Breakfast
195B - The Elephant Breakfast
220B - Nordic Breakfast
230B - The Elephant Big Breakfast
250B - Full English Breakfast

75B - Chef's Green Salad
170B - Chef's Salad
180B - Shrimp Cocktail
190B - Tuna Salad
195B - Chef's Smoked Salmon Salad / Caesar Salad

160B - Sausage Butty
180B - Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg
185B - Club Sandwich

120B - Minestrone Soup
145B - Chili Pumpkin Soup
160B - Goulash Soup

Homemade English Pies
250B - Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie / Beef and Guinness Pot Pie

English Pies in Pastry
180B - Minced Beef & Onion / Steak & Kidney / Beef,Ale & Mushroom

290B - Medium with 4 toppings selection [Ham/Salami/Shrimps/Seafood/Chicken/Beef/Bacon/Sausage/Pineaple etc]

Brunch & Snacks
95B-  Curry Chips
115B - Scotch Egg
120B - Chicken Satay
140B - Jacket Potatoes
180B - Nachos Baked with Chicken & Cheese / Pytt i Panne
340B - Ploughman's Lunch

German Favourites
170B - Bratwurst mit Pommes/Kartoffelbrei
190B - Currywurst mit Pommes
220B - Frikadellen mit Kartoffelsalat
250B - Schnitzel Schwein/Huhn
270B - Jagerschnitzel / Pfefferschnitzel / Zwiebel-Rahm Schnitzel / Coach Schnitzel / Hawaii Schnitzel

Meats & Steaks
275B - Pork Chop
295B 1/4 rack / 390B 1/2 rack - BBQ Ribs
340B - Tenderloin
475B - T-Bone Steak
595B - Lamb Shank

195B - Spaghetti Bolognese / Homemade Ravioli
255B - Homemade Lasagne
280B - Duck Breast / Fish & Chips
290B - Homemade Cordon Bleu
360B - Norwegian Salmon Fillet

Thai Favourites
85B - Som Tam Tai
110B - Fried Rice
120B - Fried Rice with Holy Basil / Spring Rolls / Moo Daet Deo
100B - Stir Fried Mix Vegetables
130B - Phad Thai / Tom Jeud / 4 Chicken Wings / Rice Soup
135B - Yum Seafood / Som Tam Poo Jeud
140B - Neua Daet Deo
145B - Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts / Yum Beef
150B - Tom Yam / Tom Ka Kai / Massaman Curry
155B - Green Curry / Sweet & Sour

Frozen Cocktails
185B - Margarita / Daiquiri / Martini

Draught Beers
150B - San Miguel Light (0.5L)

Draught Ciders
95B (0.25L) / 180 Baht (0.5L) - Kopparberg

130B - Grey Hound
140B - Absolut Bull
150B - Tequila Sunrise
160B - Bloody Mary / Daiquiri / Pina Colada
180B - Cuba Libre / Fjellbekk / Jaeger Bomb / Margarita / Martini / Mojito / White Russian
190B - Mai Tai
210B - Long Island Iced Tea
220B - Caipirinha

150B - (0.5L) Black Rat Dry
185B - (0.5L) Stowford Press
190B - (0.33L) [Kopparberg] Strawberry & Lime / Mixed Berries / Pear
210B - (0.5L) Five Bridges Rose / [Thatchers] Gold Apple / Katy Apple / Green Goblin

85B - (0.33L) [Spy] Classic / Kamikaze / Mai Tai / Margarita / Red / Screwdriver
135B - (0.33L) [Bacardi Breezer] Lemon / Orange / Lime / Strawberry / Apple
135B - (0.33L) [Smirnoff Ice] Black / Green / Red

99B -  Strawberry / Mango / Blue Raspberry / Banana /Pineaple & Coconut / Lemon & Lime / Cappuccino / Mocha & Cappuccino

70B - Coffee
75B - Banana / Pineaple / Mango / Strawberry / Watermelon

130B - B-52 / B-53 / Baby Guinness / Fire Bomb / Russian Fire / The Blackout / Vikings Mead / Viking Blood

Soft Drinks 45B - Coke / Fanta / Sprite / Dry Ginger Ale / Schweppes Manao

White Wine / Red Wine / Rose Wine / Champagne - 140B ~ 4,300B

On our last night in Koh Chang, we had dinner in Sea Bar Restaurant at the White Beach. There was a fire show at night on the beach.


The Journey Back to Bangkok

The next morning, we head back to Bangkok. Matthew had already left Koh Chang 2 days ago, so only 4 of us in the van.

Chang Buri Resort Koh Chang ~ Furama Silom Bangkok (7 hours 21minutes)
09:59 am - Departed from Chang Buri Resort
10:08 am - Waiting for the ferry at Ao Sapparot Pier + Van loading (72 minutes)
11:20 am - Ferry journey (34 minutes)
11:54 am - Drive from Thammachart Pier
01:50 pm - Lunch (37 minutes)
05:20 pm - Reached Furama Silom

Koh Chang Car Ferry

The traffic was a bit slow when we get closer to the city. But we managed to get to the hotel just before it worsened. We thought of having a sunset dinner near Wat Arun, but the taxis that we flagged down refused to go to the area, so we went to our regular bar at Molly Malone.

Furama Silom

The journey back to the hotel was hilarious. Mike flagged down a Tuk-Tuk on the opposite of the road, and we rushed to it and only to realise that it was a two-seater Tuk-Tuk. At first, we were hesitating, but then we gave it a try. Mike and dad sat comfortably on the seat while mum and I crouched down. We barely have time to adjust when it started moving. In that precious five minutes journey, we hold onto each other and were laughing all the way to the hotel. It was an unforgettable experience.

Flying Back to South Korea

The next morning after we had our breakfast in the hotel, we took a taxi to the airport, checked in and sat on the plane for five hours twenty minutes journey to South Korea. We arrived at the airport at 11:35 pm. A few days ago, we booked a ride from Agoda website and mentioned that we required the pick up on 30th March at 12:15 am. We waited until 12:30 am, but the driver didn't turn up.  We had no choice but to get the airport meter taxi, and the driver was driving like he owned the road, his average speed was 120km/h, and at one point, I saw the speedometer showing 180km/h!

Thanks to his driving, we arrived in record time. 40 minutes journey from the airport to hotel around city hall to drop off my in-laws and then to our home in Hyochang. It's inexpensive too, with midnight surcharge, the fare was 83,000won. It's almost the same as what the Agoda had charged us. On that night, they even sent us an email thanking us for riding with them and asked for our feedback. The driver had mistaken our arrival date, because the next night, we got a call from the driver asking where were we. In the end, we got a full refund from them.

Additional Information:

Return Flight: Seoul ~ Bangkok @ 676,412won
Return Transfer: Bangkok ~ Koh Chang @ 10,000Baht
Taxi about 350Baht ~ 380Baht from airport to Bangkok hotel (highway)

Amora NeoLuxe Suites (1 room x 2 nights) @ 110,650won
Chang Buri Resort & Spa (2 rooms x 6 nights) @ 1,039,286won
Furama Silom (1room x 1 night) @ 3,300.00Baht

Travel Date: 21st ~ 29th March 2018


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